Why choose Linux hosting?

Linux Web Hosting

When it comes to Web hosting, deciding the right choice between web servers is necessary.Two of the major web hosting that exist are the Windows based hosting and the Linux based hosting. Both have their own benefits from every point of view, but the Linux based web hosting is mostly preferred. You will come to know why Linux hosting is preferred over windows hosting after reading the advantages of Linux hosting discussed below:


Linux is a well-known open source operating system, which ensures its freedom of usage. Most web hosting and Linux reseller hosting companies prefer Linux over windows because of its low cost, making it more affordable for their customers.

Compatibility & Capability

Linux has better compatibility with other operating systems and software. You will face no difficulties while making a website with Windows and hosting it on a Linux based web server. This feature makes the Linux server a better choice for most of the emerging enterprises and businesses looking to host their website on the top class server on the market.

Stability and Performance

It is no doubt that one of the most important parts of web hosting is the performance of the server. If you are hosting your site on Linux based servers, you will experience their performance better than the Windows servers. Stability is a major advantage of this operating system. Unlike other operating systems, Linux web servers neither slow down or freeze up, nor experience the memory leaks. Their server uptimes are higher than other servers.

Hosting Flexibility

With plenty of high-performance applications, Linux provides a convenient and flexible hosting environment. It facilitates you to use both server and desktop applications, along with integrated systems. Low disk space is consumed when you install only the components you decide to use that are necessary. For example, you instead of installing the entire suite, you can install a few office programs that are necessary for you.


Linux is very easy to install. This is one of the fast and the most user-friendly installations. Linux provides unbelievable network functionality. The Linux servers fit perfectly among almost all needs whether you are to back up the network or just demanding a more reliable choice.

The Extra benefits

Linux advantages include the total use of the disk, the ability to perform multitasking, and many other choices and benefits of being an open source operating system. You can gain many benefits with an open source program as it provides high end technical assistance.

Linux Host

Many populous hosting and hosting reselling companies use Linux based web servers, while others do not provide the necessary hosting elements you really need. Sometimes the simple and the cheapest option is not the best when it facilitates fewer features. However, some hosting reselling companies provide maximum features often free of cost. For cheap hosting services visit UKw3webhosting company.

Linux VS Windows Servers

When you become concerned about the server type, you are at the risk of losing sight of the benefits provided to you by the actual web hosting company. Although the linux web servers are best, but still make sure that you are getting the necessary advantages from your hosting provider. The Linux-based servers are mostly preferred but you can go both ways. Both Windows and Linux based servers serve the needs of various types of websites, but what matters is the cost, uptime, features and round the clock technical assistance.

Make sure you firstly look at the benefits provided by the hosting company instead of looking at just the type of hosting server. Linux web servers are generally more reliable that the windows servers.It means the uptime and the technical support of Linux hosting are best. It will handle enormous traffic and will not slow down.


The most important and the reasonable factor in web hosting is the services and quality of services offered by the hosting companies. If you plan to use the Linux server, make sure that the hosting company itself uses Linux and also keep in mind the technical support.